As populations age across the globe, the urgency to provide a framework for improved wellbeing is gaining momentum. Institutional care practices of the 20th Century are no longer relevant nor acceptable in the 21st Century.  And yet, for many, the institutional/medical model continues to prevail in many of our healthcare and community settings.

The Eden Alternative is a new direction in Eldercare, promoting improved wellbeing for all, across the health continuum.

Founded by Dr Bill Thomas M.D., the Eden Alternative philosophy of relationship directed care provides a comprehensive and structured approach to culture change shifting from institutions to individual home environments which enhance autonomy and wellbeing. Organisations implementing this culture change model are able to demonstrate a greater empowerment of staff, residents or clients whom they support.

Whether your care model is called “homestead”, “household”, “community”, ‘hand in hand’, dementia friendly or neighbourhood, the essence remains the same. The 10 Eden Principles provide the road map to eliminate Loneliness, Helplessness and Boredom for all; to move from an institutional space to a home; to creating a life worth living for all.  The Eden Alternative Domains of WellbeingTM enhance this focus and provide an opportunity to deepen awareness of each individual through their story.

What does the Eden Alternative look like?

For many Eden registered homes and organisations, there is greater energy and engagement across the home or service. There is a genuine commitment to creating meaningful relationships, to becoming well known. Companionship, as well as opportunities to give and receive care are enhanced through spontaneous events which ensure that there’s a lot going on which isn’t on the activities calendar.

The elements of plants, animals and people of all abilities enable organisations to ‘showcase’ some of their successes in changing their environment. The Eden Alternative is more than these and requires wise leadership provided by the Board and leadership team to effect transformational change and care partnership.

The benefits of the Eden Alternative®

  • Improved financial results
  • Maximum occupancy
  • Improved satisfaction ratings
  • Decreased medication usage
  • Improved health outcomes
  • High staff retention
  • Award winning recognition – international, national and local.

Where to start? 
The most dangerous phrase in language is “we’ve always done it this way”. Retaining that mantra limits your options and opportunities. Come on the global journey with us to make a difference by embracing the challenge of the Eden Alternative and continue to grow. Dare to be different!

Imagine your own future of aging…
Education is the key to success. We provide a range of on-site and external group training options from one to three days including certified Eden Associate training and dementia education. These education sessions enable all participants to obtain a grounding in the changes that are needed to ensure a future that focuses upon relationships and wellbeing. As your journey continues, we offer Eden consulting services and Eden Registry Membership (best practice).

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