Researchers have developed an optical illusion that they say can help diagnose autism.

The video above shows the optical illusion that can be used to find autistic traits in people.

According to the researchers who developed it, if you see a three-dimensional cylinder made up of black and white dots rotating in the video, you are less likely to have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Seeing two separate sheets, one of white and one of black dots, denotes a detail-oriented view, which is one of the key signs of the disorder.

Additionally, if your pupils dilate while watching the video, that means you are seeing two sheets and, therefore, could have ASD.

If you see a cylinder, researchers found your pupils do not dilate while watching the video.

The optical illusion was developed by researchers at the University of Pisa, in Italy, and tested on 50 adults who had never received an ASD diagnosis.

According to the researchers, this is the first time there is evidence that changes in the diameter of the pupils relate to how people receive visual stimuli.

“[We] predict that pupil changes will be even more dramatic in people with ASD. If this is the case, these pupil measurements could be used to help diagnose ASD or determine the severity of symptoms.”

Source: NZ Herald


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