Research released today, looking at the coffee-drinking habits of New Zealanders, has revealed just how much Kiwis crave their coffee. More than 70% of us are drinking at least one coffee a day with 24% consuming three or more cups daily.

The Wild Bean Cafe Kiwi Coffee Consensus* was commissioned by Wild Bean Cafe, the country’s largest café retailer of Fairtrade certified coffee and coincides with a national competition that seeks out Wild Bean Cafe’s most skilled baristas and includes the coveted title of Champion Barista of the Year.

The survey specifically looked at the frequency of coffee consumption, number of coffees purchased outside the home, factors influencing purchasing decisions, popular coffee orders, and reusable cup use.

Key findings of the Wild Bean Cafe Kiwi Coffee Consensus reveal:

• 30% of New Zealand men drink three or more coffees a day (compared with 19% of women)
• 34% of Baby Boomers (55-73yrs old) drink three or more coffees a day compared with 14% of Millennials (23-38yrs old)
• 70% of coffee-drinking New Zealanders who purchase their coffee while on the go say that location/convenience is the most important factor when choosing where to buy from
• 31% of coffee-loving New Zealanders order a flat white
• The second most popular coffee order in New Zealand is a mocha (18%) tied with a
• Wellington is the latte capital with more Wellingtonians’ go-to coffee order being a latte
(23%) compared with other NZ cities
• Twice as many women order a mocha as men (24% vs. 12%) and twice as many men order along black as women (16% vs. 8%)
• 72% of New Zealanders who drink and buy coffee while they’re out and about use a reusable cup
• Reusable cup usage is higher among Millennials, with 77% of Millennials using a reusable
cup vs. 63% of boomers


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