HealthOne – a partnership between Canterbury District Health Board, Orion Health and Pegasus Health – won the award for the Best Technology Solution for the Public Sector.

The secure shared electronic health record was first developed as a matter of urgency following the Christchurch earthquake to improve information sharing between the hospital and community sectors.

It is soon to be rolled out across the whole South Island and contains information for over 800,000 New Zealanders.

Carolyn Gullery, Executive Sponsor for HealthOne says that HealthOne has managed to solve a problem that has eluded pretty much everyone else: How do you share information securely, when clinicians across numerous providers all use different systems?

“The growth of HealthOne has made a huge difference to how we deliver care – patients and clinicians on the South Island can now be assured that we have the most up-to-date information available at the point of care when it is needed. It also means we don’t waste the patient’s time re-doing things such as tests that have already been done by someone else in the health system.”

An innovation that allows community-based health professionals to carry out mobile eye exams using a smartphone won the Hi-Tech Mobile Award at the awards night.  The app and ocular imaging devices that make the mobile eye exams possible for cataracts and macular degeneration were developed by Dr Sheng Chiong Hong – a Southern District Health Board ophthalmology registrar and social entrepreneur and his company oDocs Eye Care.


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