The RVA conference app looks set to keep things very interesting at the RVA conference in Sydney in two weeks’ time.

In its third year of running, the app has some exciting new features this year. In addition to keeping track of sessions and collecting the QR codes from the exhibitors to go in the draw for the $5000 travel prize, the app allows delegates to get interactive during the sessions.

During a session, delegates will be able to ask questions for the speaker, which will appear on the screen. Other delegates can ‘like’ the question, sending it to the top and prompting the speaker to answer it.

Speakers can use the app to create live polls, polling the audience on various questions and producing the data instantly.

Delegates can rate the speakers, send broadcast messages to everyone or individual messages, of the “meet for a coffee after the session?” variety.

John Collyns believes the app will add another dimension to the conference.

“It will increase the ease of communication between delegates and speakers,” he says.



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