Thanks to Vendetta Films, a handful of lucky INsite readers received tickets to see Winter at Westbeth in our recent promotion. Among the winners was Oceania’s Meadowbank Village, which intends to take a van-full to see the film while it is showing in Auckland. Fortunately for them, and others who have been waiting to see it, Winter at Westbeth hits New Zealand cinemas in just one week – on 27 April.

The captivating 80-minute film documentary is about ‘ageing creatively’ and is anticipated to be a hit with older New Zealanders.

Winter at Westbeth tells the story of a retirement community in New York City with a difference – one that has grown naturally and through a shared passion for the arts.

Filmed across one extraordinary year, it focuses on the creative endeavours of three individuals. Video artist Edith Stephen (95) hopes to complete an experimental film for her birthday; iconic contemporary dancer Dudley Williams (75) rehearses for an electrifying return to the stage; and published poet Ilsa Gilbert (82) faces her impending mortality through her poetry.

Winter at Westbeth is written and directed by Australian, Rohan Spong, who happened upon Westbeth Artists’ Housing purely by chance. Spong became fascinated by the long-term residents – their highs and lows, the art they created, and the manner in which the past and the present intersected – and decided to make a documentary about a year in the life of the building.

“Ultimately, what I hope audiences identify in the film is greater than my fascination with a strange building and the passionate individuals I found inside it,” says Spong. “Ideally, they will come to ruminate on what it means to get older, to forge a community with like-minded peers, to traverse the unfamiliar route required of following ones passions, to lose the things that matter most and gain something in their absence. To give oneself over to the passing of time, all the while recording your stay in some meaningful way.”

Winter at Westbeth is an inspirational story about community, ageing and the need to keep creating. Check out the trailer and organise a resident movie night while it’s screening!

We’d love to see pics of your resident movie night! Please send them to if you’re happy to share.




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